Our liaisons may or may not be members of these groups – they are either members of the groups they liaise to or have agreed to serve as a link to that group for the purposes of NRN connection.

Ramin Abrishamian
Needham Diversity Initiative; NUARI; Baha’i

 Joanne Allen-Willoughby
REAL Coalition; Voices in Unity

Georgina Arrieta-Ruetenik
At My Neighbor’s Table; League of Women Voters; Needham Art Association

Tina Burgos
Needham Human Rights Committee 

Bill Burke
Catholic Leader; Independent Schools

Lieutenant Belinda Carroll
Needham Police (Alternate)

                                                            Tom Denton
Youth Mental Health

Don DeVeuve
Rotary Club of Needham; VFW;
Knights of Columbus; Masons

Michael Diener
Democratic Town Committee 

Kate Fitzpatrick
Needham Town Manager 

Massiel Gallardo
Spanish-Speaking/Latino Community of Needham; Equal Justice Needham

Cynthia Ganung
Quaker; Interfaith Clergy Organization

Dan Gutekanst
Needham Public School Leadership

Paula Jacobson
YMCA; Needham Business Alliance; Exchange Club

Liz Kaponya
Republican Town Committee

Katie King
Needham Assistant Town Manager (Alternate)

Frederica Lalonde
PTC Leaders and Parent Community

Rinaz Mala
Immigration Justice Task Force; Immigrant Community

Tim McDonald
Needham Public Health

Marcus Nelson
Needham Select Board;
Black Community of Needham

Rabbi Jay Perlman
Needham Jewish Community

Jen Pinto
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – Trauma; Needham Medical Community

Zeenat Rasheed
Muslim Community of Needham

Jessica Reese
Needham Housing Tenants Association

Sandy Robinson
Needham Community Council

Jenn Scheck-Kahn
SEPAC; Charles River Center; Needham Commission on Disability

Chief John Schlittler
Needham Police

Reverend Catie Scudera
Unitarian Universalists; Interfaith Clergy Group

Sherri Sklaritz
LGBTQ+ Community of Needham

LaTanya Steele
Needham Council on Aging 

Kritika Storer
AAPI Community of
 (past NRN participant)

Valine Valbrun
METCO Parents’ Association

Bala Venkat
ICON; Needham Council for the Arts

Yinfei Zhang
Chinese Friends of Needham