The Needham Resilience Network (NRN) is a “whole of society” effort designed to establish relationships across silos, build skills in communicating across difference, explore local issues from various perspectives, and facilitate a process of co-creation in proposing solutions. Its members are leaders (formal and informal) spanning the full spectrum of political, faith, identity, health, business, civic and social action organizations in Needham, as well as official Town departments (Town Manager, Select Board, Police Department, Public Schools, Public Safety).

From 2022-2024, our focus will be on “Well-being and Social Cohesion in Needham,” with the aim of increasing health, safety, belonging, and equity for all. Our goals include: amplifying our shared local identities and values, shedding light on the range of lived experiences that exist in Needham (in relation to health, safety, belonging and equity), and addressing a documented rise in local identity-based hate incidents through prevention and rapid response.

NRN operates under the auspices of the Needham Diversity Initiative Inc., a 501(c)(3), not for profit, organization. We receive foundational funding from two local organizations: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – Needham and The Crimson Lion / Lavine Family Foundation. In 2022, we also received scale-up funds and leadership support from the Belonging Innovation Lab at the Center for Inclusion and Belonging (American Immigration Council).